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Collaborative Social Learning

Everyone has natural resistances which manifest in our decision making process, our communication style, and in our behavior. Once these resistances have been identified by another, one can begin to … Continue reading

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Inside Neurographics: Cognitive Drivers of Behavior

Neuroscience has been absent of theory until now, but there has been much debate about the need for it.  We still know very little about the science of the brain … Continue reading

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Marketing Can Save Humanity

Whether you are in denial, self-absorbed, or just suffering from normalcy and optimism biases we are a species in crisis and on the path towards extinction. There are just over … Continue reading

April 18, 2013 · 1 Comment

Raising the BaaR: Business as a Revolution

We all have a responsibility to contribute to society in a way that promotes moral conduct and influences social change towards positive outcomes. Achieving collective action to deliver positive social … Continue reading

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Sustainable Thinking Drives Social Change

Our apologies for the time lapse since our last post. Client deliverables take priority over blogging, so I’m sure it will not be the last time it will happen. I … Continue reading

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Focus on Cultural Engineering

Recently, Volans and JWT released The Future Quotient, which is there take on the emerging agenda around global sustainable development. Future Quotient (or FQ) refers to the measurement of the … Continue reading

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